Sermons & Spilt Liquor

Revelations & RAT Theory

Wheel of Fortune

“A lab rat’s study of man, of God, and of himself.”

For centuries, lessons learned from the lab rat have advanced our understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

Labratology chronicles the extraordinary life of a lab rat born into a study of addictions. Regarded as “the chosen one who will deliver us” by the elders of the cage, the young rat explores the worlds of rats and men and soon discovers that addiction and despair are not the exclusive property of the scientists (Whitecoats) or the cage. Adventures ensue as he develops a resolve to free his fellow rats—in body and in spirit.

This powerful “allegory of the cage” reminds us that freedom from addiction cannot be found in the study of men or rats alone but in the truths of God’s Word and His perfect plan for our lives.


Redeem me, dear God, for I am sorely afflicted.
Transform me that I would cause no more pain.
Oh, that you would mend the tattered fabric of my life.
Take the threads of my misdeeds and weave them into a cloth of greater good,
that though the iniquities of my past be despicable,
the whole of my life may yet be pleasing unto you.


M.A. “Matt” Lambeth
M.A. “Matt” Lambeth was born & raised in the Piedmont (“foot of the mount”) region of North Carolina. He is a licensed professional counselor, clinical addictions specialist, and Christian writer. As a child, some of Matt’s fondest memories were formed while…

Sermons and Spilt Liquor

There, she and Legion pored over the Bible for the rest of the afternoon. Legion and Ginger would spend countless days together in the library.

Revelations and RAT Theory

Peering back through the microscope, Legion knew that the documents glistening below him had been written with the blood of generations.

Wheel of Fortune

“The cage fell silent and still. When the air cleared, the rats looked to the far end of the cage and beheld a marvelous sight…the rats had proven the old Whitecoat’s work.”